Trump’s lawsuit against his Twitter ban is dismissed by a US judge.

Friday, a US judge dismissed former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit challenging his ban from the Twitter network. In a written decision, US District Judge James Donato of San Francisco dismissed Trump’s claim that Twitter infringed his First Amendment right to free expression.

After a crowd of his followers attacked the US Capitol in a fatal riot on January 6, 2021, Twitter and other social media organisations banned Trump from their sites. This assault followed a speech by Trump in which he repeated false assertions that his November election defeat was the result of widespread fraud, a claim that was rejected by several courts and state election officials.

In a court brief from last year, Trump’s attorneys stated that Twitter “exercises a degree of influence and control over political discourse in this nation that is unfathomable, historically unprecedented, and deeply perilous to open democratic discussion.” When suspending Trump’s account permanently, Twitter stated that his remarks violated its policy against “glorification of violence.”

The corporation stated that it was “very probable” that Trump’s statements, which led to his expulsion, would incite individuals to repeat the Capitol disturbances. Before being barred, Trump had over 88 million Twitter followers and utilised the platform as his social media megaphone.

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